Benedictio Draconis

She had never liked the idea of moving. She liked things the way they were. She was top of her class at Timberwood, she had two great friends, and she absolutely loved her childhood home. She really didn’t want to move to London and intended to move back to America once she graduated. That is, until she meets someone who just might change her mind. Veela!Draco/OC

Taylor Hawkins

In Danger of Corruption

(Future Fic/TNG) Katherine always knew something would happen that would change her life, she just didn’t expect it to be anything other than being invited to travel aboard the Enterprise with her uncle. On her 18th birthday, she gets what she always wanted, but a bigger surprise from the past is waiting for her. Khan/OC

Katherine Picard

Time Will Tell

Alexa was as junior in college when she met John. A murder at her school, causing there to be an investigation. She wasn’t a witness, but she knew the victim personally. Maldonado has assigned John and Dorian to this case to get them more used to working together. John doesn’t know why, but Alexa catches his attention in a way no one has since he woke up from his coma. John/OC

Alexa Donahue

Love in the Dark

Cirnellë, half-Elf and daughter of King Bergil, came from the kingdom of Rhovanion. She had always been told as a child she would never be forced to marry. Now that she’s 17, her father has decided to use her to gain favor with the Lord and Lady of the Wood by offering her hand to their choice of nobleman. Haldir/OC


A Stab in the Dark

Vampires were rare in Middle-Earth. They normally kept to themselves, but when the war began, they were forced to choose sides. Hithwen, a rather young Vampire, had decided to go against the majority of her people and decided to fight against Sauron. When her and only three others of her race show up to the Council of Elrond she becomes skeptical of her decision. Éomer/OC

Hithwen Felagund

Guardian Angel

There were five Archangels-Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, Gabriel, and Galteya. Galteya got information from Zachariah that Castiel had gone rogue and killed two lesser Angels. Deciding to go against her brothers Michael and Raphael, Galteya goes down to Earth to find Castiel. She ends up taking Castiel’s side and joining him and the Winchesters to stopping the apocalypse. Castiel/OC


A Kiss is A Lovely Trick

As King of Hell, Crowley decides it’s time he took a queen. It’s been a couple of centuries since he’d last taken a mate and this time, he’s got a new trick up his sleeve. Makayla was born to a wonderful family (or so she thought). All she ever cared about was that they were safe, but certain betrayal from said family changes everything. Crowley/OC (sequel starts on chapter 18)

Makayla Collins

Reach For the Starts

Dr. McCoy liked to refer to River Green as the Vulcan who showed emotion, even though she wasn’t a Vulcan at all, Jim liked to refer to her as the anti-Christ when she was angry, and Spock referred to her as a great asset to their crew aboard the Enterprise. River was young, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t do anything for the people she loved and cared about. McCoy/OC

River Green

Friends in Higher Places

Sherlock never told anyone about his former flat mate. There were a couple of reasons why. He could never read her, she made him feel much too human, and his thoughts became irrational when she was around. Years later, she’s heard from certain “sources” that Sherlock had been having some “troubles” and decided to make an appearance when he least expects it. Sherlock/OC

Kayla Rines

On the Side of the Angels

Dean and Sam encounter someone they will both cherish for the rest of their lives whether they realize it or not. She never knew either of her parents and now the Winchester’s have become her family. She sees things differently than the brothers do and she becomes a great asset to their cause. Dean/OC

Lyssa Moore

The Darkest Hour Is Just Before the Dawn

Allyson Wayne is the illegitimate daughter of Bruce Wayne. She left Gotham after the Batman took the fall for Harvey Dent, but returned 8 years later only to find her father has gone back out in the night. She goes to the officer who convinced her dad to go back out there and confronts him. J.Blake/OC

Allyson Wayne